The humbled podcast is an intimate look at the complex process of what life is like after competitive athletics.

In the world of human performance we become so focused on the goal and the hardships along the way, we typically don’t think about life after we get to the top of the mountain.

On the humbled podcast, we talk to super performers, who are praised and idolized for their discipline, rigor and persistence, about what happens after success. They tell us the stories that most fans haven’t heard; what challenges they have faced in the shadows of the mountain they climbed, what has helped them start their next journey, and their reflections on the reality of being a super performer.

We bring you the stories of some of the greatest athletes in the world who have retired from their sport and those that have helped them along the way. They’re not the stories of glory and fame that came with Olympic medals and championships. Instead, we dive deep into what it took to get to the top of a sport, the process of walking away, and everything that happened afterwards.

We hope through listening and sharing their own stories, former athletes will be empowered to use their experience in competitive athletics as a warmup for their life after the game.





Kristin Haraldsdottir is a former collegiate rower, and went on to coach at her alma mater, Princeton. After three years coaching at one of the best programs in the country, she felt like she needed to know more about physiology in order to evolve into the coach she wanted to be. Kristin took what she thought was a temporary break and left the coaching world to earn a PhD in exercise physiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her love for sport has kept her with one foot in the athletic world, and she has spent her time since retiring as an athlete in 2008 working to improve the athlete experience through coaching and research. Kristin has published several articles on using heart rate to track well-being and performance and will pursue any lead that she thinks will optimize the athlete experience long-term.



Erin Cafaro MacKenzie is a former 2x Olympic Gold Medalist in rowing with more than a decade of experience evolving her own strengths and building a successful team culture. She has been coaching and creating programming for athletes, coaches, military teams and individuals around the world for the past 9 years. Last year, Erin shifted into the research field to dig deeper into what was driving each individual's performance and adaptability during and after their career ends. Currently, she is consulting with businesses, teams, athletes and coaches on integrating personal development and wellness practices into their performance and retirement plans. She is starting doctoral studies in clinical psychology this fall at Wright Institute with an emphasis on PTSD and adjustment disorders.